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  • With plant-based proteins
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • With no added sugar*
  • Gluten-free**
  • Palm oil free
  • Source of fibre

*Contains naturally occurring sugars.

**Gluten-free according to EU regulation.


When you hear the word brownie, does the irresistible flavour of chocolate, the heavenly smell of cocoa and the mix of soft texture and crunchy chocolate nibs pop into your head? Freshly baked brownie straight from the oven – it’s hard not to finish the entire tray all at once. It can be a real reward at the end of a stressful day.

If you are a fan of this chocolate delicacy, it is worth trying our reimagined version with plant-based proteins.

Vegan Protein Brownie baking mix allows you to make a quick and easy delicious snack with adding only some oil and water, and it is gluten-free, palm oil free and with no added sugar*. It’s protein content amounts to 7.9 g *** which adds up mainly from pea protein isolate and rice protein. It doesn’t mean that you can eat as much as you’d like from this product, but occasionally it can be incorporated into a balanced diet perfectly.

Recommended use

Preheat the oven to 200 °C if you’re using top/bottom heating or to 190 °C if you’re using a convection oven. Mix one serving (120 g = 8 heaped tablespoons) of baking mix with 160 ml (=18 tablespoons) of water and 25 g (=4 tablespoons) of sunflower oil with a whisk lump-free. Pour the mix into a silicon baking tin or an oiled baking tray of appr. 12 x 14 cm and bake for 40 minutes if you are using top/bottom heating or for 25 minutes if you use a convection oven. Let the cake cool down for 10-15 minutes and cut it into pieces. Instead of the sunflower oil you can use 30 g of coconut oil as well.

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