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Ignite Nutrition Amino-Up

Often, it’s merely one of several sport-specific styles of training that you may have to perform. Depending on the sport, you may find yourself training as much as 4 times per day, often seen when training with weights, then cardio, and sport-specific drills just hours after that.

You need to fuel your body with the right nutrition if you’re going to perform at your best. You may not have the time for large meals and this is where the right choice of supplements can play a huge role in your success.

Ignite Nutrition Amino-Up should be the first one on your list. Our advanced BCAA formula features 5 grams of the proven BCAAs in an innovative 8:1:1 ratio which translates to you receiving 4 grams of the highly-anabolic L-Leucine. We’ve also included 6 other essential amino acids and 1 gram of our Electrolyte Matrix for complete muscle re-hydration.


The BCAAs are primarily used to stimulate protein synthesis – but they are also anti-catabolic. If you do not have enough BCAAs available in your body to meet the demands you place on it, your body will break down muscle tissue to get the BCAAs it needs.

Intense training sessions and tough cardio sessions can drastically deplete BCAA levels. It can get worse – if you compete in a sport where you have to lower caloric intake to make weight, you’re continuing to deplete BCAAs.

Amino-Up contains high-performance BCAA matrix that will ramp up BCAA levels and get you to an anabolic state.

We’re talking 5 grams of BCAAs in an advanced 8:1:1 ratio so you get the full clinical dose of the super-anabolic Leucine.


There are nine essential amino acids available and recent research suggests that they work together to stimulate protein synthesis and prevent muscle protein breakdown.

They also help recovery – another important advantage.

This means you need more than even our innovative BCAA Matrix, your body demands the other EAAs, or Essential Amino Acids, for maximum recovery and muscle building performance.

That’s why we made sure to include a complete EAA profile to augment a supplement already stacked to win.

Expect nothing less from Ignite Nutrition than the very best in supplements as proven by science to help you perform at your peak when you demand the most from your body.


Maintaining a state of hydration is critical for any athlete, especially if your sport demands various styles of training over several different training sessions all in one day.

Not only will Amino-Up keep you in an anabolic state, prevent catabolism and support recovery, it will also keep you hydrated with an advanced complex of two types of magnesium, sodium and potassium, plus calcium citrate for optimal absorption.

Electrolytes help the body recover so you can perform at your peak in time for your next training session. The days are gone when the best choice available for electrolyte replacement was a sugar-overloaded “sports drink”.

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