“I’d like the products we sell to be treated not as health foods, but as normal foods.
I want people to understand that healthy eating is actually normal eating.”
Michał Lasocki, owner of Intenson

We’re a company made up of young, committed people who don’t see health foods as just another product!

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Intenson - Coconut Oil 500ml Refined, Odorless
Coconut oil, unlike other vegetable oil or animal fat, is much easier digested and absorbed. It..
Intenson - Erytrytol sweetener 1000g
Erytrytol is a natural low-calorie sweetener with almost no calories. Commonly found in fruit a..
Intenson - Pink Himalayan Salt 500g * fine ground
The Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest salt on Earth, free of chemical contaminants. It accum..
Intenson - Xylitol * Birch sugar 400g
Xylitol is a natural component of many fruit and vegetables such as yellow plums, strawberries, rasp..
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