Zero Calories, Fat-Free, Sugar-Free, NON GMO

Servivita sauces have been formulated for anybody who just likes to eat healthy, for athletes who need to watch their diet, for celiacs, diabetics and lactose-intolerants (except Pancake or Soy flavours)


DULCE DE LECHE: Caramel syrup, great for pancakes, ice-creams and all kinds of desserts

WHITE CHOCOLATE: Get you sweetest taste on your cakes, ice-creams or desserts with all the flavor without calories!

CHOCOLATE: Ideal Syrup for pancakes, crepes, cakes & all kinds of desserts.

STRAWBERRY: Great Syrup for pancakes, crepes, ice-creams and for all your cakes and desserts.

PANCAKE SYRUP: The Syrup you’ve been dreaming for, ideal for your pancakes, crepes & any kinds of desserts.

COFFEE TOFFEE: The perfect sauce to add at your desserts or ice-creams.


KETCHUP: The perfect match for meat, French fries and all kinds of sandwiches.

BARBECUE: The perfect match for grilled and roasted meat and meat sandwiches.

CAESAR: Perfect with all kinds of salads.

GARLIC & HERBS: The ideal sauce for fish, and you can also try it with pasta.

HONEY MUSTARD: Perfect sauce for salads, meat, burgers & sandwiches. Honey Mustard gives an intense sweet flavor to your meals.

BBQ SPICY: The best sauce for grilled meat, burgers & sandwiches with a spicy touch.

Nutrition Facts:
Calories 0.9
Sugar 0g
Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g

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