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Why do we recommend Black Blood NOX+ drinking powder?

  • 14 active ingredients
  • 300 mg caffeine content in 1 daily dose
  • 10278 mg NOX complex in 1 daily dose
    • with beta-alanine, L-arginine and L-citrulline
  • With BCAA and L-tyrosine amino acids
  • With niacin and vitamin B6 to reduce tiredness and fatigue*
  • 3000 mg of creatine in 1 daily dose
  • Sugar-free 1
  • Lactose-free 2
  • Gluten-free 3

Have you tried a variety of pre-workout drink powders? Do you want something that gets you fired up and ready for action? Whip up a dose of Black Blood NOX+ and give it your all!

BioTechUSA's product development team - after studying user needs - has updated both Black Blood (NOX+ and CAF+) product variations for you to better suit extreme needs. It is in your hands to decide which face of your performance you show in the room. Attention! Both versions have a high caffeine content!

Are you ready to march with energy to the last rep? With beta-alanine, arginine-HCl, L-citrulline and malate (malic acid) NOX complex. Level up your training!

This product was developed for those who regularly use pre-workout drink powders and the high caffeine content is essential for them. Black Blood NOX+ has a syrupy consistency, similar to Black Blood CAF+. Active ingredients in a neat order: in addition to caffeine, L-arginine, L-citrulline, malate (malic acid), as well as B vitamins and vitamin C, creatine and L-tyrosine, beta-alanine and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids), i.e. the branched chain amino acids, moreover, they are at your disposal in a ratio of 4:1:1.

Black Blood NOX+ is a complex, pre-workout drink powder, the *niacin and vitamin B6 contained in it participate in normal energy-generating metabolic processes and contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. And vitamin B6, niacin and thiamine contribute to the maintenance of normal psychological function. In addition to the high caffeine content, the product also contains creatine, creatine increases physical performance during short, continuous, high-intensity exercise.** Vitamin C from the product's composition contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system during or after intense exercise.***

**The beneficial effect can be achieved with a daily intake of 3 g of creatine.
***The beneficial effect can be achieved with a daily intake of 200 mg of vitamin C in addition to the recommended daily vitamin C intake.
1 Sugar-free: <0.5 g/100 ml in a ready-to-drink drink diluted with water.
2 Lactose-free: <0.1 g/100 ml in a ready-to-drink drink diluted with water.
3 Gluten-free in accordance with European Union regulations.

How to consume Black Blood NOX+ drink powder?

Mix 2*1 doses of powder (2*10 g = 2*¾ measuring spoons) with 2*125 ml of water in a mixing bottle. Take 1 serving 15 minutes before training and 1 serving during training.

Warnings: Keep the product out of the reach of small children! The dietary supplement does not replace a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle! High caffeine content [ 300 mg caffeine/daily dose (120 mg/100 ml)]. Its consumption is not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women. The consumption of the product is not recommended in the case of a known underlying disease or taking medication! Not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and caffeine sensitivity.

What does one dose of Black Blood NOX+ contain?

Active ingredients

20 g


Energy Complex 2


Niacin (nicotinic acid)

Vitamin B6

Vitamin C

463 mg

2.4 mg

8.0 mg

2.5 mg

450 mg






Black Blood NOX complex


Malate (malic acid)

L-arginine hydrochloride

- of which L-arginine


10278 mg

3000 mg

1250 mg

3628 mg

3000 mg

2400 mg







Creatine monohydrate

- of which creatine

3411 mg

3000 mg



Amino Acid Complex





2453 mg

600 mg

1253 mg

309 mg

309 mg






Anhydrous caffeine

300 mg


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