BioTech USA -Glutamine Peptides 180Caps


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  • 9900 mg glutamine peptide*

*Daily amount.


Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid which can be produced by the body itself. However, glutamine supplementation may be necessary in certain circumstances, such as high intensity or long-term workouts. Such activities may cause the body requiring more glutamine than it is able to produce.

Glutamine Peptide, just like any other BioTechUSA product, is safe and contains carefully selected ingredients.

A daily dose (3x3 capsules) contains:

  • 9900 mg glutamine peptide

Packaging: 180 mega capsules (for 20 days)

Contains glutamine, a conditionally essential amino acid. However, the product does not contain free glutamine; it contains a short polymer called glutamine peptide, which is formed in a specific order by peptide bonding. Peptides are stable structures, enabling fast and efficient absorption.

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